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HO Scale Wheel Painting Masks

Our wheel masks hold your wheelsets for painting.

Ideally you would use an airbrush to paint your wheelsets so you could overlap various shades of black, rust, dust etc. One interesting thing to point out is that typically on friction bearing trucks the outside of the wheels tended to be a black color because the oil from the journal boxes would leak out and cover the wheels. On modern roller bearing wheels a natural rust tends to cover the wheels (and sideframes) because there is no oil lubrication applied to the bearings.

When the wheels are in the assembled mask you can paint the outside wheel face and also the axles and inside wheel face. Once painted you can take a Q-Tip dipped in solvent and turn it on the axle point to remove the paint on the axle end.

HO Scale Coil Cradles

Inspired by prototype photos these cradles represent the practice of bolting railroad ties or large timbers to the bottom of flatcars and gondolas to turn a standard car into one that can carry coiled steel rolls.

Each pack includes 12 cradles. You can convert 6 cars to coil service per pack.

HO Scale Laser Cut Decks

Laser-cut wood decks enhance freight cars because real wood is easier to weather and make look like….well….real wood. Weathering decks with realistic shades and variations of colors is easier then you may think.

See our “drybrush“ weathering technique for a technique on how to achieve the natural weathered look of real freight car decks. Click here (pdf)

#551 coil cradle kit. $6 per 12-pack.

#236  36" wheel painting mask. $6 each

#233  33" wheel painting mask. $6 each

#500  Proto 2000 52'6" gondola decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#501 Athearn 50' gondola decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#502 Athearn 40' flatcar decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#503 Athearn 50' flatcar decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#504 Athearn (ex-MDC) 60' flatcar decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#505 Athearn (ex-MDC) bulkhead flatcar decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#506 ERTL flatcar decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#507 ERTL gondola decks. $6 / 2-pack.

#513 Proto 2000 AAR Standard 50' flatcar decks. $6 / 2-pack.

HO Scale Laser Cut Roof Walks

Enhance your boxcars and stock cars with realistic, affordable, laser cut real wood roof walks and use your unrealistic plastic roof walks as coffee stirrers. Each pack will do 4 freight cars. All roof walks are HO scale unless noted otherwise.

#600 Athearn 40' boxcar & stockcar roof walks.  $6 / 4-pack.

#601 Accurail outside-braced boxcar roof walks. $6 / 4-pack.

#602 Accurail 40' wood reefer roof walks.  $6 / 4-pack.

#603 Accurail 40' USRA boxcar roof walks. $6 / 4-pack.

#604 MDC 50' exterior-braced boxcar roof walks. $6 / 4-pack.

#605 Proto 2000 50' boxcar roof walks. $6 / 4-pack.

HO Scale Grain Doors

Laser-cut wood grain doors. Each pack includes 24 grain doors, which will equip 3box cars with doors.

Grain doors were used inside boxcars creating a "bulkhead" across the door to allow grain and other commodities to be loaded in a boxcar. These were stacked vertical in the boxcar door opening.

Grain doors were also used to create fishing piers, hockey rink sides, work benches and fences. They were also used as makeshift bridges to cross small ditches.

Grain doors could be found in large stacks next to every grain elevator in America from the 1930's until the late 70's. They were also found along railroad cleaning tracks and just fallen on the ground in the middle of yard tracks.

Let your imagination decide how to use your grain doors!

#560 HO Scale Grain Doors. $6.00 for 24 panels.

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Friction bearing truck. Oily wheel face.

Roller bearing truck. Rusty wheel face.